Water Indicator Sticker How to Easily Locate it on your Phone

One of the most common issues with water damage to a phone, is how to discover where the water indicator sticker is located. It’s really easy when you know where to look.

Don’t be frightened of causing further damage. You’ll be happy when you’ve finally found it, and you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Most people have seen this water indicator on their phone but haven’t realized what it actually is.


Water Indicator Sticker Location:


It’s essential to identify if there has ever been liquid inside in order to be able to correct any damage. Usually they are fairly obvious but it can sometimes be difficult to find, as often the back of the phone needs to be removed. An important point is to make sure you don’t delay in finding out whether your phone has been water damaged, as the longer you wait, the chances of restoring it back to good working order reduce.

By the way some people have tried taking their phone back to the store they it from to request a new one. But beforehand, covering the sticker to try and disguise the fact it’s been in contact with water. You shouldn’t do this! It doesn’t work to solve the problem, and usually the phone stores are very helpful with your situation.

Why is the water indicator sticker so difficult to find?

Unfortunately for many people, they don’t want to be remove the back of their smartphone. Usually it’s because that they want to  cause any further damage. It seems that the manufactures decide to put them in the most awkward place sometimes!

The location water indicator sticker is typically found below the battery on most types of smart phone. Or it can also next to the memory card slot inside. On some Apple devices, it is located either directly on top or bottom of the phone itself.

If the device has not been exposed to moisture the indicator should be a little white or silver-colored dot. As long as the device is kept dry it will stay this colour. The dot will become full or half red when it has come in contact with water or a liquid containing water.


If you’ve dropped your phone in the bath, left it out in the rain or spilt some kind of liquid on it, the key message is to act fast. Hopefully the advice above has helped you to find where it is on your device. Once you have located the water indicator sticker, check what colour it is. If it’s still white you’re ok. If it’s red or pinky in colour you need to get it dried out as soon as you can.

Don’t forget that you may also want to find out if you’re covered by the insurance you may have been provided with when you purchased your phone. The best outcome may be that they replace the damaged device with a brand new one for you. Sometimes smartphones e not covered by the one  year limited warranty or an insurance plan. You may want to find out what exactly your insurance covers to consider your options.

Well, I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. I’d be happy to hear your comments and experiences if you’d like to leave a comment below.