Water damage in Blackberry phone

by waterdamageexpert on December 9, 2015

Ok, hands up if you have dropped your mobile phone device down the toilet! We’ve all done it.

It could be down the toilet, or even let it out in the rain. I know you must have done one of these!

Water Damage Indicator Blackberry

You’d be absolutely amazed at the number of times the people do this. I get emails all the time from people who need advice on how to fix to water damage in mobile phones quickly, including Blackberry devices.

So don’t feel bad if it’s happened to you as well. There are some unbelievable facts about the number of times of people damage their mobile phone related to water.

Apart from never taking out your phone from your pocket there is not a lot you can do to prevent dropping your device down the toilet. That sound of the splash in the water is not good and you do not want to be in the position of having to leave it there any longer than it needs to be!

To be honest the manufacturers of mobile devices have done a pretty good job of keeping water out of the mobile phone but the speakers of the device tends to be the vulnerable part.

The water damage indicator blackberry is the same as the moisture detector and can usually be found inside the device by the battery.

stop you may not know what there is a water damage detection sticker it is inside the device which indicated there has been any water damage.

If the worst case scenario is already happened click here for more tips and advice that may help to find out where the water damage detection sticker is on your mobile device. Best of luck I hope it helps

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