Water Damage Detection Sticker – Where to Find the Water Damage Detection Sticker

by waterdamageexpert on February 7, 2012

The water damage detection sticker on a phone or other electronic device can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. The fact is, many people have seen the water damage detection sticker but have not realized what it is exactly, or indeed what it does.

It is usually located just below the battery inside the phone or on Apple products, it can be at the top or bottom of the device. The sticker should be a white or silvered colored when there has not been any moisture detected. However if the phone has indeed had water damage, then it will turn a pink or red colour. Sometimes the sticker also has crosses that indicate water has entered the phone.

Water Damage Detection Sticker

Once the sticker has turned red it is not possible to turn it back to the white colour. Some people have tried to paint nail varnish on the water damage indicator that has turned red before taking it to be repaired! This is not a good idea. Apple Care stores or any other manufacturers outlets will know straight away that you’ve done this.

To test for certain whether the water damage detection sticker has been activated, the manufacturers may perform a check on the resistance of the circuits. This will confirm if the phone is repairable or if it needs to be replaced.

Is the Damage Covered by Your Warranty?

To learn more about the water damage detection sticker and whether your phone is covered by the manufacturers warranty, check out this water damage indicator article that has some handy tips that may help you get your device repaired.

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