htc Water Indicator – Discover the Easy Way to Find It

by waterdamageexpert on April 10, 2012

If you have a htc phone you may be curious to know where to find your htc water indicator. This indicates whether it has been in contact with a liquid, and will change colour when it detects moisture. I have a htc Magic myself. I love it, but it was a bit tricky finding the indicator. However, it’s easy when you know where to look!

If it does get water damaged, it can be bad news as water can seriously affect the electronics inside the phone and cause malfunctions to occur.

This article clearly explains where to find the htc water damage indicator

Also, you’ll discover what to do if your htc phone does indeed have water damage. You may also like to learn whether you may be covered by your insurance policy. Check the article out now – I hope you find it useful.