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Water Damage Indicator Blackberry

by waterdamageexpert on February 5, 2012

What if you have think you have activated the water damage indicator on your Blackberry? Well, the first thing is to not turn it on. The water damage indicator on a Blackberry is designed to turn red if it’s come into contact with water.

Typically people have seen this indicator on their Blackberry but are unsure exactly what it is or supposed to do. Only when it’s pointed out do they realize what its function is actually for.


Water Damage Indicator Blackberry – Where to Find It


The Blackberry website states that, “The liquid damage indicator (LDI) is a small tab inside the battery compartment. All BlackBerry smartphones and batteries have at least one LDI that can indicate superficial liquid damage to the BlackBerry smartphone or battery. The location of the LDI can vary, depending on the BlackBerry smartphone or battery.

An inactive LDI appears solid white in a BlackBerry smartphone and white with a red stripe or white with red XXXs on a BlackBerry battery. An active LDI appears solid red, which indicates potential liquid contact.

Caution: An active LDI indicates the possibility of liquid damage. An inactive LDI does not indicate that liquid damage has not occurred, only that there is no damage in the region of the LDI or that liquid did not come into direct contact with the LDI. Only qualified service personnel can confirm liquid damage.”

Water Damage Indicator Blackberry – How to Repair Any Damage

If you think that the damage is not significant, it can be a good idea to let it dry in a warm place for a few days to allow all the moisture to evaporate. This has quite often worked to restore a Blackberry to good working order if the water damage indicator is not too significant.

It’s important to give it plenty of time for the water to disappear. Inserting the battery too soon will cause a water and electrical current combination that is not good!

For more information on water damage indicators and whether your phone is covered by a warranty, you may find the article on how to find the water damage indicator on your phone helpful.