Nokia phone water damage indicator

by waterdamageexpert on March 8, 2013

If you have dropped your new Nokia phone in the bath or in the toilets or just left it out in the rain you may have water damage. However don’t worry there are some really easy ways to solve the problem.

If you do not take quick action your Nokia phone will sustain water damage that may not be repairable. Take the necessary action and you’ll be okay.

Where to Find It?

The best place to look for the water damage indicator is inside the phone by the battery area. It is usually located behind the battery or even somewhere on the battery himself.

There are some tried and tested ways to remove the water or moisture from your Nokia phone. Checkout the recent article that has just been updated that may help. I think you’ll find it really useful and I hope that it gives you some tips as to how to solve the problem of removing water from your new Nokia phone.

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