Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone – Water Damage

by waterdamageexpert on March 8, 2013

If you have just bought a new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone, there is the high chance that at some point, it’s going to sustain water damage. Oh yes, as sure as eggs is eggs at some point it will be dropped down the toilet, left out in the rain or drowned in the bath! It’s not just you. Thousands have done it as well!

My Nokia Lumia Phone Has Water Damage – What Should I Do?

Well, as with any phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 has a water damage indicator that will let you know if there has been any moisture that has reached inside the phone.

For some useful hints and tips click here for useful info on where to find the water damage indicator on any type of phone.

One of the most important things to do is to find this water damage indicator sticker as quickly as you can. If you don’t, you run the risk of having major water damage which will affect the electronics and components inside. The Nokia Lumia 920 phone is one of the most durable phone around at the moment, but even this can sustain water damage if not dealt with in the right way.

Check out this Nokia Lumia 920 Hammer & Knife Scratch Test video that really explains why it is so tough!

Can Water Damaged be Repaired?

Water damage can be fixed if you take immediate action. There are some tried and tested tips that will help you get it back to normal. For a detailed explanation of what to do to repair your Nokia phone, check out this really helpful article that i wrote that explains some quick and easy ways to fix water damage in phone.

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