How to Repair Water Damaged Plaster

Water damage to plaster can be one of the most time consuming and difficult things to repair. Fortunately there are some easy tasks that can be completed to speed up the repair process and get your home back to normal. Check out the tried and tested actions that will help to restore the water damaged plaster in your home.

Depending on how wet the wall actually got will affect how to deal with the repair itself. If the wall has got very wet and warped then it can be a good idea to get the wall inspected, and if necessary to get it re-plastered and start from fresh. This step is important as the wooden or metal lath will provide the structure to the wall. If the If in doubt, consult a qualified plasterer for advice. If it got only slightly wet or damaged in just a few places, then following the tasks below with help you out.

  1. Use the claw end of a hammer to gently removed any loose or damaged plaster from the wall. Check the wooden laths underneath for any damage. If the wood seems to be in good condition then it will be possible to leave it for a few days to dry out. If the plaster seems damaged then cut it out with a small saw or another device you have to hand.
  2. Cut a new piece of metal lath that will fit the hole, using the metal snips or saw, and nail it in place with the hammer. Cut a second piece and nail it over the first.
  3. Next, get a damp cloth and dampen the area around the hole. This will help the new plaster stick to the old.
  4. Use a spackling knife to apply plaster to the hole to cover the lath. It does not have to completely fill the hole as the plaster should be allowed to dry out completely.
  5. Then, apply another layer of plaster to fill the hole so that it is even with the rest of the wall and completely covers the whole. It can be a good idea to smooth over the plaster onto the existing wall to help to achieve a flush finish.
  6. Let the wall dry out again.
  7. It will now be possible to apply any paint or wallpaper that you like on the finished wall!

For a more detailed guide to repairing water damaged plaster, click on the link below for a step-by-step guide.

Click Here!

While water damage to plaster is not the easiest of things to repair after water damage, it can be saved. As described above, the extent to which the wall has been damaged will depend on the type of actions that need to be performed. Some of the worst water damaged houses have restored the plaster to its former glory by taking the actions above. I really hope they help you as well.

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