How Can You Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

by waterdamageexpert on May 8, 2012

If you have experienced the pain of dropping your phone down the loo, or left it outside in the rain or spilled a drink all over it, you’ll want to get it dried out as soon as you can. If this is you and you’ve ever wanted to know how you can fix a water damaged phone read on!

How Often Does it Happen?

Well a recent study conducted by, found 31 per cent of Britons claimed to have damaged a handset with water or another liquid substance in the past. Of that 31 per cent, 73 per cent were male and 27 per cent were female.

The toilet bowl was the tragic destination for an alarming 47 per cent of all water-damaged phones.

How Can You Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

The first thing is to act quickly and take decisive action. The first thing is to find the water damage indicator to check if has been activated. Then dry it out with a hairdryer and use rice to absorb the last remaining moisture left inside.

For a full explanation of exactly how to fix water damage in phone, you may want to check out a recent article that details the fast and easy way to deal with water damage in phone.

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